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Embrace Spontaneity with our Walk-in Tattoos shop at LOCO INK, Brampton.

What if you could just walk into a premier tattoo studio, choose a design you love or create one on the spot, and walk out with a piece of body art same-day? Sounds intriguing? This is the beauty and allure of walk-in tattoos at LOCO INK, Brampton’s finest walk-in tattoo shop.

Our walk-in tattoo service is all about convenience and spontaneity. While appointments with a sit-down consultation are your best option, the walk-in option breaks away from this norm, offering an entirely unique experience for the spontaneous and adventurous.

Loco Ink new Brampton Tattoo & Piercing Shop location

Benefits of our Walk-In Tattoos services

  • No Waiting Time: The most significant advantage of walk-in tattoos is the elimination of waiting time. At LOCO INK, you can walk in on any given day, choose your design, and get your tattoo without any delay. This is ideal for those with tight schedules or who love the thrill of impromptu decisions. Please note we are the #1 tattoo shop in Brampton and the GTA, so at times walk-in may not be available if we are booked. (but we will try out best to accomodate you)
  • Freedom of Choice: Walk-in tattoos provide a sense of freedom. You can opt for a design that appeals to you in the moment, echoing your mood or feelings on that particular day. LOCO INK’s artists are skilled in a range of tattoo styles and can work with you to create the perfect piece.
  • Adventurous Experience: For the thrill-seekers, walk-in tattoos offer an element of adventure. The spontaneity of deciding on a design and getting it inked the same day is exciting and can be an adrenaline rush. Our artists will always give you a consultation to ensure you are getting what you are looking for.

The LOCO INK Tattoo Consultation Experience

A tattoo consultation is a vital step in your tattoo journey. Even with walk-in services, LOCO INK ensures every client receives a comprehensive consultation. Here are some of its benefits:

Understanding your Vision.

The artists at LOCO INK take time to understand your tatoo design vision, ensuring your tattoo is a reflection of your personality or the story you want to tell.

Expert Guidance.

With their extensive experience, the Loco Ink artists provide expert guidance on size, placement, color, and design choice. They can help you understand which designs will work best for your desired location and what changes might enhance your chosen design.

Preparation and Aftercare Tips.

The consultation also includes advice on preparing for your tattoo session and tips for aftercare to ensure the longevity and vibrancy of your tattoo. This guarantees a smooth tattoo experience from start to finish.

Safety Measures.

LOCO INK artists will explain the safety protocols followed in the studio, like sterilization of equipment and use of single-use needles, ensuring you’re at ease before the process begins.

Tattoo Pricing Clarity.

They will discuss the tattoo pricing structure upfront, eliminating any hidden costs. Transparency is a cornerstone of LOCO INK’s approach.

LOCO INK’s walk-in tattoo service, coupled with their comprehensive consultations, set them apart in Brampton’s tattoo scene. Our commitment to client satisfaction, versatility in design styles, and dedicated professional artists make them a top choice for anyone seeking a spontaneous tattoo or piercing experience.

At LOCO INK, the door is always open for you to explore your creativity, get that spur-of-the-moment ink, and embark on an unforgettable tattoo journey.


It’s time to embrace the experience with LOCO INK – the best walk-in tattoo shop in Brampton.

RECENT Testimonials

“Evan is amazing, not only are they awesome artists, all the staff is super cool. They definitely make you feel super comfortable and at home. Shop is probably the cleanest shop I’ve been in. Hands done the best shop in Brampton.”

Mike Armstrong

“I had an amazing experience at Loco Ink. Mannu was the artist that did my tattoos. He was so great to work with. He seen the vision I had and designed them to perfection. He even followed up with me to confirm how they were healing. I will continue to use Loco Ink for all of my tattoos going forward and I highly recommend giving them a try if you haven’t already! I assure you that you won’t go anywhere else! Thank you for the awesome experience!”

Crystal Pellerin

“Best quality tattoo in Brampton hands down. I got a few tattoos done at Loco Ink so far and plan on many more. The work is detailed and done to perfection. A lot of tattoo shops have their certain style of tattoo or work but it seems like at Loco Ink anything is possible. All of the artists are talented, Mikey Benes did my last 3 tattoos and they all came out amazing. Also very clean and spacious shop, very welcoming and comforting.”

G Fleez

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