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Piercing Services

Body Piercing place in Brampton GTA

The Art of Piercing at LOCO INK

Body piercing is more than just a fashion statement—it’s a form of self-expression that has been practiced across cultures for thousands of years. As such, the decision to get a body piercing should be an experience that is both exciting and comforting.

This is exactly what you’ll find at LOCO INK, one of Brampton’s best walk-in piercing shops.

    Ear Piercing Types & Pricing

    • Lobe – $40
    • Both Lobes – $70
    • Helix – $60
    • Forward helix – $65
    • Tragus – $70
    • Rook – $70
    • Daith – $70
    • Conch – $70
    • Flat – $70
    • Industrial – $100

    Facial Piercing Types & Pricing

    • Nostril – $60
    • Septum – $70
    • Eyebrow -$60
    • Medusa – $70
    • Labret – $70
    • Smiley – $60
    • Tongue – $100

    Body Piercing Types & Pricing

    • Navel – $80
    • One Nipple – $60
    • Both Nipples $110
    Navel Piercing
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    Piercing shop in Brampton - LOCO INK
    Walk In Piercing Shop
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    Piercing shop
    Walk In Piercing Shop

    With our professional team of experienced piercers and a wide variety of piercing services, LOCO INK has made a name for itself in the body modification industry by offering piercing and tattoos.

    Types of Piercing We Offer:

    Nose Piercings

    One of the most popular types of piercing, a nose piercing can be done in several locations on the nose, including the nostril and septum. At LOCO INK, you can choose a design that best fits your style, from subtle studs to glamorous hoops.

    Ear Lobe Piercing

    This is the most traditional form of ear piercing, usually the first one most people get. Ear lobe piercings at LOCO INK can accommodate a variety of jewelry styles, offering you endless opportunities to showcase your personality.

    Helix/Low Helix Piercing

    A helix piercing is located in the upper ear cartilage, while a low helix piercing is positioned closer to the ear lobe. These piercings add a stylish edge to your look and can be adorned with studs, hoops, or unique jewelry designs.

    Tragus Piercing

    This piercing is located on the small piece of cartilage that protrudes over the ear canal. A tragus piercing can make a bold statement and is a trendy choice among piercing enthusiasts. At LOCO INK, expert piercers ensure a safe and smooth procedure.

    Flat Piercing

    Flat piercings are done in the flat area of cartilage just above the ear canal and below the helix. Flat piercings provide a canvas for showcasing unique jewelry designs and offer a stunning aesthetic.

    Conch Piercing

    Named after the shell-like shape of the ear, conch piercings can be ‘inner’ (in the ear cartilage’s central part) or ‘outer’ (in the outer ear cup). Both provide a distinctive look, perfect for those seeking a standout piercing.

    Navel Piercing

    Commonly known as belly button piercing, navel piercing has long been a symbol of allure and style. LOCO INK offers various jewelry options, allowing you to customize your navel piercing to match your aesthetic.

    What sets LOCO INK apart is not just their variety of piercing services, but their dedication to providing a safe, hygienic, and enjoyable piercing experience.

    They adhere to all safety protocols, using sterile, single-use needles and quality jewelry, ensuring your comfort throughout the procedure. They also provide comprehensive aftercare instructions and are always available for follow-up questions or concerns.

    Our professional piercers offer consultations, helping you choose the perfect piercing and jewelry that aligns with your personal style.

    As one of Brampton’s best piercing places, LOCO INK combines artistry, professionalism, and a passion for self-expression. Whether you’re getting your first piercing or adding a new one, LOCO INK is dedicated to making your piercing experience a memorable one. Step into LOCO INK and embrace the art of body piercing today.

      RECENT Testimonials

      “Evan is amazing, not only are they awesome artists, all the staff is super cool. They definitely make you feel super comfortable and at home. Shop is probably the cleanest shop I’ve been in. Hands done the best shop in Brampton.”

      Mike Armstrong

      “I had an amazing experience at Loco Ink. Mannu was the artist that did my tattoos. He was so great to work with. He seen the vision I had and designed them to perfection. He even followed up with me to confirm how they were healing. I will continue to use Loco Ink for all of my tattoos going forward and I highly recommend giving them a try if you haven’t already! I assure you that you won’t go anywhere else! Thank you for the awesome experience!”

      Crystal Pellerin

      “Best quality tattoo in Brampton hands down. I got a few tattoos done at Loco Ink so far and plan on many more. The work is detailed and done to perfection. A lot of tattoo shops have their certain style of tattoo or work but it seems like at Loco Ink anything is possible. All of the artists are talented, Mikey Benes did my last 3 tattoos and they all came out amazing. Also very clean and spacious shop, very welcoming and comforting.”

      G Fleez

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