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After Care & FAQs

After care for your tattoo is very important which is why we offer free touch ups during your healing process. Your artist will go over the steps of aftercare to ensure the quality of the tattoo.

Aftercare & Faqs

How much does a tattoo cost?

Tattoos are charged by the piece. The price of the tattoo is determined by the size, detail, colour and placement. It is best to come by the shop for a consultation for the more accurate quote. Click here to book a consultation

Do I need to do anything before my tattoo?

We recommend that you wear clothing that will not obstruct the area you are getting your tattoo done or anything tight that may disturb your tattoo once finished. It is also recommended you do don’t drink an excessive amount of alcohol or take any medication that thins yours blood 24 hours before your scheduled tattoo.


How do I take care of my tattoo?

  1. After 3 hours, gently remove wrap
  2. Wash with unscented soap and pat dry
  3. Apply unscented lotion
  4. Repeat these steps until your tattoo is completely healed


How long will my tattoo take to do?

At the time you book your appointment your artist will tell you approximately how long it will take to complete your tattoo. Although the artist may take longer on your tattoo to ensure the quality so we advise you to keep plenty of time.