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Tattoo Pricing

Tattoo Prices at Loco Ink - Brampton

How much does a tattoo cost?

Tattoo pricing can vary greatly depending on the creative work needed and the artist.

Getting a tattoo is an important decision. Apart from choosing the perfect design, understanding the elements that factor into the cost of a tattoo is just as important. As you contemplate joining the tribe of the inked at Brampton’s well-regarded LOCO INK, you might be wondering: How exactly is the price of my tattoo determined?

Tattoo Pricing


At Loco Ink our artists start at a $100 minimum per tattoo. Costs vary by size, placement and creative work needed. It’s best to call for a Free Consultation for accurate pricing and options.

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During the consultation we will work with you to find the artist whose style best fits your ideas and discuss sizing, placement, and other factors that may help in determining the price of your new tattoo.


We will contact you for a free consultation to determine pricing.

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The Artists

Meet our creative tattoo artists that make it all possible.



Mike Benes

Factors that go into Pricing a Tattoo

The cost of a tattoo involves various factors that extend beyond the time taken and the size of the piece. Let’s dive in and uncover these elements, and learn why LOCO INK is a leading choice for a walk-in tattoo shop in Brampton, Ontario.

Tattoo Design:

The complexity and intricacy of your desired tattoo design significantly influence the price. Simple designs require less time and fewer details, and thus cost less. However, elaborate, customized designs involve more time, creativity, and skill, thereby increasing the price. At LOCO INK, the artist will discuss the design with you in detail, understanding your vision and giving you a realistic price quote.

Size and Placement:

Generally, the larger the tattoo, the higher the cost. This is due to the increased ink and the artist’s time required to complete the piece. Placement also factors into the cost; challenging locations on the body that have more nerve endings, or are bony, require a higher level of expertise and careful handling, and thus might cost more.

Color vs. Black and Grey:

Tattoos can either be black and grey or colored. The latter often cost more because they involve additional work, more materials, and a higher degree of skill to achieve the right shades and blends. LOCO INK’s artists are well-versed in both styles, ensuring high-quality work irrespective of your choice.

Tattoo Artist’s Skill and Experience:

A tattoo is a piece of art that you will carry for life. Therefore, the artist’s experience, skill, and reputation play a significant role in pricing. Top-rated artists, like those at LOCO INK, have honed their craft over the years, and their expertise is reflected in their work and pricing.

Aftercare Products:

Post-tattoo care is crucial to prevent infection and maintain the quality of your tattoo. Many tattoo shops, including LOCO INK, recommend or offer specific aftercare products. While this may add a bit to your overall expenditure, it’s an investment worth making for the longevity of your tattoo.

The transparent pricing model at LOCO INK makes it one of the best walk-in tattoo shops in Brampton. With their team of experienced artists, hygienic facilities, and passion for the art, they are committed to ensuring that every client receives a masterpiece worth their spend.

By understanding these factors, you can make an informed decision when getting your tattoo.

Remember, the goal is not to get the cheapest tattoo, but to get a tattoo that is a true reflection of yourself and will stand the test of time.

The artists at LOCO INK are dedicated to helping you achieve just that. Come, step into the world of bespoke artistry at LOCO INK, and let your tattoo journey begin.

RECENT Testimonials

“Evan is amazing, not only are they awesome artists, all the staff is super cool. They definitely make you feel super comfortable and at home. Shop is probably the cleanest shop I’ve been in. Hands done the best shop in Brampton.”

Mike Armstrong

“I had an amazing experience at Loco Ink. Mannu was the artist that did my tattoos. He was so great to work with. He seen the vision I had and designed them to perfection. He even followed up with me to confirm how they were healing. I will continue to use Loco Ink for all of my tattoos going forward and I highly recommend giving them a try if you haven’t already! I assure you that you won’t go anywhere else! Thank you for the awesome experience!”

Crystal Pellerin

“Best quality tattoo in Brampton hands down. I got a few tattoos done at Loco Ink so far and plan on many more. The work is detailed and done to perfection. A lot of tattoo shops have their certain style of tattoo or work but it seems like at Loco Ink anything is possible. All of the artists are talented, Mikey Benes did my last 3 tattoos and they all came out amazing. Also very clean and spacious shop, very welcoming and comforting.”

G Fleez